3M Hand Masker

The 3M Hand Masker is not just for spray work it is also employed in the day to day running my  general decorating.The 3m scotch masking dispenser

It is  more reliable than a dust sheet.  It has endless uses like the cover of tv’s for example.  The static charge makes the film protector literally cling to the area you require covering and the bonus of being transparent you can see what is behind the film3M Masking dispenser covering the tv

The painting of kitchens can be a bit of a pain when dust sheets are used on the units as they tend to fall off the units due to the weight of the dust sheet they need weighing down to keep in place. General access behind the dust sheets is limited, as you cant see through dust sheets. access to the kitchen can still be achieved with 3M masking.3m masking Film

Protection also extends to bathrooms,  the toilets are easily accessed with this product and the sheeting of the fire place is well and truly covered with the 3m hand masker.3m hand maskerSo there you have it the possibilities are endless with the hand masker.  If you have any questions about the products I used, please ask, I am happy to help. All part of my interior decorating service in Cheshire


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