About Scot Hindley kitchen painter in Bramhall

Here is a little information about Scot Hindley kitchen painter, a time-served professional decorator in Bramhall, Cheshire

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I have always been interested in the painting trade, and never seen it as just a job.

I really want to do the best work I can, and am always looking at ways to improve the level of service I can offer my customers.

To ensure maximum value for money, I have invested in dust-free sanding equipment, and endlessly research new paints, suitable brushes and trade practices. I look to the USA and the continent for ideas. I am not a paint geek, but not far off!

Customer service

Although I am a craftsman, I recognise that we are in the service industry, and providing a good service involves more than doing a good paint job. I need to make sure you are happy with the rest of the business side that many in my trade ignore or seem oblivious to.

When you contact me, I will ask for photos of the kitchen or furniture. This is to give me a good idea of the extent of the work and give me a chance to work out a specification and make a note of any potential issues as well as give you ideas you may not have thought of.

I will prepare a thorough estimate which will tell you everything you need to make a decision on whether or not I am the right person to paint your kitchen or furniture.

I am happy to provide this information free of charge. Whilst you are under no obligation to respond or accept my quotes, it would be helpful, if you are not interested, to drop me a line saying thanks but no thanks.

If you are happy, I will arrange to come to your home or property to further discuss the work in more detail and answer any questions. I will turn up as promised!

If you accept my quote, I ask for a small deposit to secure the booking and I will keep you fully updated on the start date, and make sure you are happy with colours.

Work in progress

I will start on the agreed date, and as far as is humanly possible when travelling on the North West motorway system, I will turn up on time every day, and work full days, through to completion.

I am tidy, respectful and don’t smoke on site.


The price I charge is the price you pay. As a member of Traditional Painter, our policy is to publish our rates, which are based on £100 a door for full transformation of a pine or oak kitchen. We charge pro rata for repaints.

The only time there are extras, would be if you ask me to do extra work while the job is in progress, for instance change the agreed colour, or paint an extra piece of furniture. In this case I would give you a price at that time – either an hourly rate plus materials or a fixed price.

If I make a mistake with the price, that is my problem.

I am a member of Dulux Select Decorators and TrustMark, and can offer you a 24 month guarantee on my work. This is my profile page on DSDS.

How did I do?

It is not obligatory, but I would appreciate a review of my work at the end, just a few words summarising your opinion of my service, workmanship etc, for the benefit of future customers.

Scot Decorators are not VAT registered, nor a Limited Company.

Scot the angler

All work no play… Scot’s other passion is fishing.

I like to escape now and then to the local river, as and when family and work commitments allow. I find it a great opportunity to spend some quality time with my family as they love it too

Thanks for taking the time to read through the website, and acquainting yourself with my business. If there is anything else I can help you with, please ask.

If you have any questions about an upcoming kitchen or furniture painting project, please contact Scot. If you would like to subscribe to my blog I will send you updates of my latest jobs via email.
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