Arroworthy Red Frost paintbrush

(This review on the Red Frost paint brush first appeared over on MyPaintBrush.)

I was thinking back over the summer to an exterior painting job I did for a good client of mine.

I used the Red Frost brush from Arroworthy in Sikkens XD oil based paint, which I specified on an 18-panel garage door for a good client of mine. It’s a winning combination.


90% of the time, I use water based paint, but there are occasions, like this garage door, when I use oil. The paint is thick and notoriously hard to spread and lay out, but it is well worth the effort with the finish and extended durability it offers – up to 10 years.

The “stickiness” of XD, means you shouldn’t use Picassos or delicate synthetics, and so I reached for the Nylon / Polyester mix * Red Frost, which is a semi stiff brush with soft tips. It proved a reliable choice for laying this paint down with very little effort and, it holds its shape well. It helps alleviate the stress and strain, too, leaving the wrist capable of lifting a well earned pint of lager at the end of the evening. And most importantly, with this particular gloss, it leaves a smooth finish.


The brush isn’t just suitable for oil based paints though, I also found it to be a good performer when cutting in ceilings in emulsion paint. After a good day’s work, no problems, no splaying nor loose bristles.

With so much choice out there, why would you buy this brush?

Just like every other brush out there, it has its place ie it works very well under certain conditions, but cannot perform 10/10 in every scenario.

In this case, I found the * Red Frost as good a brush as I could ask for when laying on large areas of sticky oil gloss like XD ie paints that are formulated to flow out as they tack off. Also, it works reliably as a no-nonsense general emulsioning brush.


If you look on MyPaintBrush, you will see it is available in a wide variety of formats: flat sash, angled, rat tail handle, so there will be one to suit your hand and painting style… and to be honest, what swings it, is the cracking price tag! As an example, the 2″ brush I used was under £6 +VAT – another reason for keen DIY painters to never go to a superstore shed for their brushes. I have just ordered another style of Red Frost and will report back on that too.


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