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Lincrsuta dado panels in Cheshire

Recently I completed a Lincrusta dado panels installation project in Cheshire, with my good friend and Dulux Select Grand winner Mark Rigby. “Thanks for the help Mark.  We make a good team on the installation of Lincrusta”.

The owner of the property has a distinct passion for all things “Period”

Improving the the property further by re installing the period features that have been ripped out over the 150 years the property has existed.

Lincrusta Installation

Along with installing the Lincrusta, the customer had beautiful coving re instated and a lovely dado rail along with original cast radiators.

The installation of the wall covering went very well with the aid of straight edges and Olfa knives with black blades.  The straight edges being used to trim off the selvedge.  Basiclly the edges of the wall covering has a centimerter strip which help protect the wall covering in transit.



When installing the lincrsuta I like to get hold of the freshest paper I can.

Lincrusta dado panel Wilmslow

The reason for this is that it aids in the installation.  Lincrsuta is made of putty on the front and just like your window glazing beads in time putty turns a rock hard solid. This is what makes Lincrusta so appealing in that it lasts for ever with only the painting of the surface needed to maintain it.

Lincrusta Dado Bramhall

Lincrusta Dado panel cheshire


With the two of us working together we soon had the project completed.  Leaving the client with another addition to the period features that are slowly returning to this lovely victorian house.

I hope you find the blog post of interest and if you are in the cheshire area and have a decorating project in the pipeline then please get in contact, I would be more than happy to advise you in what is involved to achieve the end result.


Hand Painted Kitchen In Buxton

I have just recently completed a hand painted kitchen in Buxton, Tideswell. The kitchen was knotty pine, first installed in the early 1980’s. It is testament to the value for money that bespoke kitchens offer, even moreso when they are rejuvenated with a hand painted finish in a timeless colour. 



The colours and the job specification were agreed with the client and a start date confirmed.



Protection of the work surfaces and floors is important, and I prefer to use a sturdy lining paper taped down, and use dust sheets for added protection where lining paper is not suitable, say over a sink.

First things first, I clean down the kitchen removing any grease that inevitably finds its way into nooks and crannies. Once cleaned, a good sand down was called for. I use dustless sanding equipment at every opportunity, and this approach really does reduce dust to an absolute minimum. Long gone are the days of white layers of fine dust left over every flat surface. (At least, that is how I and any professional kitchen painter worth their salt would approach the sanding stage.)

The primer was Otex primer, an oil based product that adheres strongly. For top coats I used Tikkurila Empire, again an oil based product (an eggshell enamel) mixed to an equivalent of Ball Green Ground by Holmans.IMG_4313


There were some awkward moments with the kitchen such as the plate rack.  It makes things just a little bit difficult with a brush. Luckily I could bring my Graco 4900 HVLP spray machine into play




This would make life a lot easier and the section was soon completed leaving a faultless finish, which is what I always try to achieve.

As you can see in the pictures, after thinning the primer down 10%, I strained the paint to aid flow and prevent blockages in the spray gun.



A quick tip on spray equipment protection For those people who like their gadgets, before commencing with any spray job, be it HVLP or airless, spray your equipment with a dusting of WD40. This will protect your gun and unit from paint overspray as the paint will not dry on the WD40 and at the end of each job simply wipe it clean back to its original state in seconds.


To summarize

The kitchen was given two coats of Tikkurila Otex after the knots were treated with two coats of Zinsser BIN shellac primer.

All the filling was completed in between the two coats of Otex primer.

The final coats of Empire were a treat to apply and I can honestly say I loved every minute of the project.







Hand Painted Kitchen

The customer was quite amazed at the transformation and that makes me one happy decorator.


How I hang non woven lining paper

I had a decorating job to do in Wilmslow – hang non woven lining paper and paint it.

Non woven lining paper can be hung in two different ways. It can be pasted on the back of the paper, the traditional way, or the walls can be pasted and the paper can then be applied direct.

Paste-the-wall is the simplest way I have come up with to hang lining paper for painting – no need for a paste table. Here’s my approach to this style of papering.


First, cut in a band of ready mixed paste round the edges with a brush and roll the main wall the equivalent of two or three drops of paper at a time. You can get different widths of paper from 55cm wide, 75cm and 100cm wide.  My preference is for 75cm.

I put a full roll at the bottom of the wall against the skirting board. I then take the end of the paper and pull the paper up off the roll.

The weight of the roll at the bottom keeps me on target.


I then smooth out the top section with a spatula (Zinsser WallWizz) and then work down, pushing any air from the middle of the paper out to the edges. When I am half way down the wall, I then use a spatula and knife to cut the top against the ceiling. (I use the excellent black Olfa blades for trimming.)


I then come down off my step ladders and proceed to smooth out down to the bottom with my spatula. I then press in the paper tight to the skirting with my spatula and finally cut the paper from the roll with my knife.

So at no point do I handle the main roll, except when the paper is tight against the skirting board at the end of the hanging process.

Repeat this process until the last drop.

Splice last drop into a corner

This is where I do a little cheat.

Instead of measuring the space between the new lining paper and the end of the wall, marking and trimming to size on a paste table, I just place a full width into the corner. As shown below, it overlaps onto the penultimate piece.


I will then splice the two papers that are overlapped with a fresh sharp blade and a straight edge. The splice is done nice and tight, so as to minimise paper waste.


The reason for doing this is because I just find it a little time-saver over measuring and cutting into an internal corner. The splices are invisible with an Olfa Black blade.

External corners

Another thing I do for external corners with non-woven lining is use a wet sponge on the corners. It transforms the paper into a lovely nimble paper that pulls around an external corner with ease.


I hope you find these tips on how I hang non woven lining paper of use, if you are lining yourself. If you have any questions, or need help on a project, then please get in touch, I’m more than happy to help.


Decorating a Hall in Mottram St Andrew

I Just thought i would take you through a  decorating Job i recently undertook for some new clients of mine.

The property was only built two years ago and was all painted out in white leaving a blank canvas.

What makes this different to most Jobs i take on is that this Hall Stairs Landing in Mottram St Andrew  was going to take 43 rolls wallpaper to complete.







The spec from the client was to paint all  Ceilings, Coving, Doors and Trim. Line out walls and then finish with a quality  wall covering.


Before all that though there was a fair bit of prep to do.  All the coving was timber and had shrunk slightly over the past couple of years. This was filled back and the odd knot bleed was treated.( This is that little yellow stain you can get on your casings, doors, architraves)






The casings and architrave had the same problems and so the same spec as the coving was applied.

The walls and ceilings had a number of cracks that were racked out and filled out with gyproc easy fill left to dry and then sanded back smooth.


All the walls were then sized with Zinsser gardz to aid and promote the installation of the lining paper.

A ready mixed paste was chosen (In this case beeline yellow top) for the lining paper because the final wall covering requires a ready mixed paste.

This Hallway had its challenges though as it has four Levels, three stairwells. Plus the entrance Hall was  a little tall 6 meters tall!!IMG_3885


The walls are cross lined so that they do not conflict with the finished wall covering as that is dropped  vertically.

The ceilings were then painted out with two coats of white Matt emulsion. This i did before painting any of the trim or doors as the overspray from brush or roller may fall onto them thus needing to be cleaned or rubbed off.


The woodwork (Doors and trim) comes next.  The client requested an eggshell finish  so i chose to use the  Mylands of London Eggshell.  A really tough water based paint perfect for busy traffic areas like hall stairs and landing.

The doors need some prep first before we can paint them.  In this case as well as sanding the trim i used a product from the Krud Kutter stable called “gloss off” it promotes adhesion a belt and braces system that i like to use.



The doors were originally painted in oil based satinwood back in 2010.  The year of the yellowing oil based paint and the very year i stopped using oil for that very reason.

From the photograph you can see the difference a good example of what I’m talking about.

Also note that the door on the right and the architrave was only the first coat, it got a second coat on top of that, but it does show the incredible hiding power that Mylands paint has in its locker.IMG_3912


Mylands eggshell levels and flows brilliantly  as well.


Once the doors and trim was finished its then we can start with the finish wall coverings







i had to erect scaffolding to paint round the lights and aided in the papering  of the wall with the window and door.

The walls going up the stairs were to be finished in a glass beaded non woven paper with a big leaf  repeat.  The tool i used to spread out the paper from air bubbles was my 7” felt roller perfect for beaded paper as it reduces the loss of beads attached to the paper which can sometimes have a nasty  habit of getting under the wall covering.

The stair walls needed setting out correctly with the pattern match as the entrance was 6 mts high and the pattern was flowing up both stairwells.



I was pleased how the project finished








Decorating in Alderley Edge Cheshire

Gyproc Patches Alderley Edge

Whilst working on a project in Alderley Edge Cheshire I came across theses holes in the ceiling.


Normally I would tackle the holes with plasterboard the traditional way but i had got hold of these Gyproc Plasterboard  Patches to try out.



They worked brilliantly the self adhesive worked great. Inside the packet you get a number of patches that cover all sizes of holes.  I used the patches in conjunction with Gyproc Easifill as a two coat system.


This kit is definitely something that I will keep on my van at all times and is now a “can’t live without ” item.


Painted window boards In Wilmslow

painted window board wilmlsow

I had a customer who wanted some waxed window boards painted in wilmslow, so i thought ill do a quick comparison of two products that I know of that are good for wax removal.painted window board wilmlsow

Krud Kutter original and Liberon wax remover was the chosen products.

0000 grade wire wool was used in conjunction with lint free rags and a scraper.

To cut a long story short the krud kutter worked a lot quicker but can be rough on the pine.

Liberon is more labour intensive but far more better on the pine.IMG_2572

Fine wire wool was soaked in each of the products and gently washed the surface going with the grain. I allowed a few minutes for the products to work then whilst the surface is still wet used the lint free rags to wipe off the old softened wax. On the Left you can see the Krud Kutter was used. On the right Liberon.

Krud Kutter softens the wax alot quicker than Liberon so much so that you go through loads of wire wool, but the pine can start to rough up a bit so please bear this in mind. When this starts  i stop immediately let it dry and then fine sand with 240 grade paper and the results are great. The Liberon works really slow but the finish result of it is very smooth

painted window board wilmlsow


If you have any questions about the products I used, please ask, I am happy to help. Further information about all aspects of my services for interior decorating in Cheshire is available here


Dulux Ecosure gloss shines in Alderley Edge

Here is an example of a project in Alderley Edge where i used Dulux Ecosure gloss.interior decorating Alderley Edge

I was recently asked back to a clients property to look at a few more projects they wanted me to be involved in.  Whilst at the property they pointed out how the water based finish of the gloss had not yellowed in the slightest since I completed the hall stairs and landing some 3 years ago. Water based finishes will not yellow at all  thats why i specify it for full high gloss finish.

interior decorating Alderley Edge

 What did impress me though was the brilliant “wet look” to all doors, trim and spindles considering it was thinned 10% as i used a graco 9000 hvlp unit to apply it with a size 4 needle creating flawless finishes.

I think you would agree its certainly a  high shine finish.interior Decorating Alderley Edge

If you have any questions about the products I used, please ask, I am happy to help. Further information about interior decorating in Cheshire is available here




3M Hand Masker

The 3M Hand Masker is not just for spray work it is also employed in the day to day running my  general decorating.The 3m scotch masking dispenser

It is  more reliable than a dust sheet.  It has endless uses like the cover of tv’s for example.  The static charge makes the film protector literally cling to the area you require covering and the bonus of being transparent you can see what is behind the film3M Masking dispenser covering the tv

The painting of kitchens can be a bit of a pain when dust sheets are used on the units as they tend to fall off the units due to the weight of the dust sheet they need weighing down to keep in place. General access behind the dust sheets is limited, as you cant see through dust sheets. access to the kitchen can still be achieved with 3M masking.3m masking Film

Protection also extends to bathrooms,  the toilets are easily accessed with this product and the sheeting of the fire place is well and truly covered with the 3m hand masker.3m hand maskerSo there you have it the possibilities are endless with the hand masker.  If you have any questions about the products I used, please ask, I am happy to help. All part of my interior decorating service in Cheshire


Decorate bedroom and custom hand built wardrobe with drawers

This is a case study of a nice custom fitted bedroom where I was asked to hand paint the wardrobe, along with the ceiling, walls and trim.

The interesting thing about this job was that the previous decorator had stripped previously hung paper and then applied the customer’s chosen emulsion colour……no problem with that you may think???

Well YES, the emulsion WILL react with the paste that is hidden inside the plaster.

It comes back to life when anything wet is applied to the wall.

You can see the problems it causes in the picture



As the emulsion was applied the decorator should have noticed that something was not quite right in its application.

As the months go by the paint reaction with the paste starts to lift from the substrate (in this case the walls.)

The answer?

Draw all paste from the walls and then  seal the walls with GARDZ

GARDZ for sealing

Gardz for sealing



My approach to redecorating the walls and woodwork

The walls were treated with a thorough sanding with the trusty Festool RTS 400 and dust extractor.

Walls filled and then rubbed back

GARDZ is then ready to be applied

The wardrobe was primed in the factory with Zinsser Coverstain.

The plastering was sanded back and I filled out imperfections.

Set of draws complete

The Set of draws complete


Little Green on the Walls and Dulux Diamond Satin on trim and Wardrobe and Draws

Room Complete

The room was finished with Little Green Intelligent Matt on the walls and Dulux Diamond Satin on the trim and wardrobes.

If the work had been completed as thoroughly by the previous decorator, my bill for redecorating would have been significantly cheaper!

If you have any questions about the products I used, please ask, I am happy to help. Further information on interior decorating services


If you have any questions about an upcoming kitchen or furniture painting project, please contact Scot. If you would like to subscribe to my blog I will send you updates of my latest jobs via email.
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