Corona Comet

Corona comet brush in Wilmslow painting Dulux diamond satin

Corona comet brush in  Dulux diamond satin



Due to work commitments i was unable to go to the National Decorating Trade Show. So i asked my good friend Ron Taylor to pick me up a few corona brushes as i had not tried them to date.

As luck would have it Corona were selling off a box set at reasonable prices and so he brought me the box back.  In the set you got a Kingston 2 inch a Knight 2 inch a Cody 2 inch and a small fitch type brush namely the Comet. At first glance i thought it was just another fitch, that was until i was painting  spindles.

The comet has a bristle that is made from Chinex, this is corona’s long lasting bristle so if looked after well, then it should take many years of use before the bristle wears down.  The brush then is  a good investment.

I was originally using the Comet on some glazing bars. I found it absolutely brilliant in this application.  The bristles are nice  and tight and the paint flow off the brush was first class. I then turned to coat up the spindles.  Since I already had the comet in paint i gave it a try on the spindles.  Well..what can i say?? Id never thought I would be using a fitch on spindles but this brush seems to be able to cover more than just glazing beads it performs more like a traditional sash brush.

As you can see from the picture above, the width of the brush expands perfectly for the tops and bottoms of your spindle and with the brush having that oval/round ferrule it lays paint on the round spindle beautifully.  The brush does not flood the spindle with paint like a inch and half or two inch does, no this brush puts the right amount on to the spindle for you not to have to worry about paint creeping down the corners.

Dulux Diamond Satin on trim Danish oil and Oak Little Green Paint Intelligent Matt walls in bramhall


The application is slower to perform as the brush does not hold a great deal of paint and you will be reloading quite a bit more than usual, it is good for a certain types of spindles and other Jobs.

This is a brush that i will be turning to for more than just your usual fitch/sash jobs i can assure you.

Well done Corona another great brush in their range of what is fast becoming my favourite brand of brushes.


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