Decorate bedroom and custom hand built wardrobe with drawers

This is a case study of a nice custom fitted bedroom where I was asked to hand paint the wardrobe, along with the ceiling, walls and trim.

The interesting thing about this job was that the previous decorator had stripped previously hung paper and then applied the customer’s chosen emulsion colour……no problem with that you may think???

Well YES, the emulsion WILL react with the paste that is hidden inside the plaster.

It comes back to life when anything wet is applied to the wall.

You can see the problems it causes in the picture



As the emulsion was applied the decorator should have noticed that something was not quite right in its application.

As the months go by the paint reaction with the paste starts to lift from the substrate (in this case the walls.)

The answer?

Draw all paste from the walls and then  seal the walls with GARDZ

GARDZ for sealing

Gardz for sealing



My approach to redecorating the walls and woodwork

The walls were treated with a thorough sanding with the trusty Festool RTS 400 and dust extractor.

Walls filled and then rubbed back

GARDZ is then ready to be applied

The wardrobe was primed in the factory with Zinsser Coverstain.

The plastering was sanded back and I filled out imperfections.

Set of draws complete

The Set of draws complete


Little Green on the Walls and Dulux Diamond Satin on trim and Wardrobe and Draws

Room Complete

The room was finished with Little Green Intelligent Matt on the walls and Dulux Diamond Satin on the trim and wardrobes.

If the work had been completed as thoroughly by the previous decorator, my bill for redecorating would have been significantly cheaper!

If you have any questions about the products I used, please ask, I am happy to help. Further information on interior decorating services



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