Painted window boards In Wilmslow

painted window board wilmlsow

I had a customer who wanted some waxed window boards painted in wilmslow, so i thought ill do a quick comparison of two products that I know of that are good for wax removal.painted window board wilmlsow

Krud Kutter original and Liberon wax remover was the chosen products.

0000 grade wire wool was used in conjunction with lint free rags and a scraper.

To cut a long story short the krud kutter worked a lot quicker but can be rough on the pine.

Liberon is more labour intensive but far more better on the pine.IMG_2572

Fine wire wool was soaked in each of the products and gently washed the surface going with the grain. I allowed a few minutes for the products to work then whilst the surface is still wet used the lint free rags to wipe off the old softened wax. On the Left you can see the Krud Kutter was used. On the right Liberon.

Krud Kutter softens the wax alot quicker than Liberon so much so that you go through loads of wire wool, but the pine can start to rough up a bit so please bear this in mind. When this starts  i stop immediately let it dry and then fine sand with 240 grade paper and the results are great. The Liberon works really slow but the finish result of it is very smooth

painted window board wilmlsow


If you have any questions about the products I used, please ask, I am happy to help. Further information about all aspects of my services for interior decorating in Cheshire is available here


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