Exterior painting and decorating Wilmslow

External painting and decorating Wilmslow.

This period property was exciting as the building was some 100 years old.  I really do enjoy getting up close and personal with these types of properties as i feel at the end of the project i have placed a mark on its existence and helped to keep the original features in place for another 100 years. Not only that i get too know every crease in its face so to speak. some thing you do not get to appreciate from a distance.

Exterior Painting Wilmslow

Unfortunately the previous decorator did not seem to have the same feelings for these types of properties.Exterior Decorating Wilmslow

Ok lets look at the normal Specification for exterior painting.


I have 5 sets of ladders and a roof ladder so all but the tallest of properties are covered, but i must stress a scaffold around the property can maximise productivity in the long run.  The reason being it reduces man hours in ladder safety and access time in re position of ladders. Tools for the project can be put on the scaffold and reduces hours lost in the actual doing of  the job.


It goes without saying that all surrounding areas of work carried out is protected.Exterior Decorating Wilmslow

The Preparation.

I usually like to wash down the surfaces to be painted first, this gets rid of that black dust that likes to cling to soffits and fascias, windows and the like of. This is unfortunately naturally occurring from exhaust fumes and day to day traffic.  Any peeling paint will be scraped off or burnt off pendant  on the seriousness of the peeling.  I’m a firm believer in that an existing sound adhering paint to a substrate is good paint and i am not one for taking off paint that is not necessary. Exterior decoration is more preservation than actual decoration. Once the scraping or burning off is complete then out comes the power sanders. Where possible i will use my dust extraction unit to keep dust off to a minimum.The sanders will be used to sand out craters  and key the substates for primer.Then  comes the knotting, knotting  solution keeps the bleed from pushing out of the timber.

Exterior Decorating Wilmslow

Windows take on the same theme, but Putty repairs are normally required or glazing bars replaced.  Two pack fillers can also be asked to be relied upon.

Exterior Decorating Wilmslow

Exterior Decorating Wilmslow

Exterior Decorating Wilmslow

Priming and Undercoats.

The primer is just as important as the top coat if not more so. The primers roll is to seal the substrate and soak into the timber also providing a key for the following top coats.

The primers i use can vary , but for the traditional exterior like the period property featured i will employ tried and trusted Sikkens Onol primer a product that can be relied on too perform as a primers should.  Dependent  on the porosity of the substrate i may use aluminium wood primer on top of the onol primer. The primer is also used as an undercoat as that is what it is designed for.

Top coats.

Again for the period property it has to be Sikkens XD.  A replacement of the old Sikkens SB which is a gem of a product.  it keeps a shine quite like no other gloss topcoat on the market.  It is a high performance exterior high gloss with excellent outdoor performance due to its styrene acrylic resin content and a maintenance cycle of 8-10 years.IMG_2168

If you have any questions about  products or have any queries regarding your project or home then please ask, I am happy to help



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