Sprayed Myhtic flat Matt walls and Dulux Diamond Satin Launch Project

Painting walls and trim  with Airless Spray.

Dulux Diamond Satin on trim Mythic Flat Matt walls Farrow and Ball modern emulsion Hale.

Investment in airless spray is something i looked into some 8 years ago.  The idea being that the bigger projects can be covered by one or two men in doing so reducing labour costs. Since the investment i have never looked back.  Product development in trim paints has also helped in my investment which is now allowing me to use good quality trim paint through airless spray application resulting in first class finishes.

For your new build projects the airless spraying cant be bettered.  The finish on the walls has to be seen to be believed. Previously painted jobs can be completed as well its just a matter of getting the balance right to see if its going to be a valid proposition.

The preparation procedure for Spray painting is the same as I would with brush and roller.  Its just the application of paint that changes somewhat. In the following i will try to explain the steps I take when using an airless spray machine.

The Prep of substrates 

Again the same as my interior procedure the only difference is their is allot of masking.  This is done because sharp lines can only be created if masking is employed and protection from overspray.

The 3m scotch masking dispenserThe Photograph below will help in explaining what i mean.  The windows are masked up with 3m scotch masking dispenser which has a fold out electro static film which aids in the application of inserting to the window, what it does is actually pulls in tight to the areas you want the film to go, instead falling out on top of you when trying to get the film on the window.

3m Masking dispenserThe trim on new build projects are normally Pine or a pre finished MDF.  The picture above is pine with knots.  The knots are treated with either white knotting solution or Zinsser bin a shellack based product. in this case i used white knotting to seal up the knots and prevent bleed.  A 12inch paper mask is then used on the floor in order to prevent dust flying on to the skirting, It was hoovered but this procedure just makes double sure of the prevention of that happening. I like to give a coat of primer first and then sort out the filler on all trim.  This is for two reasons. The first and most important is that the filler used has got the primer to key to and adhere  properly, makes sense really. Second is filling of the holes is easier to see with a base of primer on the trim as it sticks out and show me where the attention is needed.

The good thing about this project was that their was a bannister with spindles bare that needed painting.  With the Airless employed it made short work of what is a labour intensive task brushed.Dulux Diamond Satin on trim Mythic Flat Matt walls Farrow and Ball modern emulsion Hale.The filler is then spot primed to which leads to following up with top coats in this case a satin finish was used. Once left to harden the trim is then masked up to prevent overspray from ceiling and  walls.3m Masking dispenserWalls and ceiling

This is where things change slightly as the next thing to do is spray the walls and not the ceiling thats for later. First off is to give the walls a mist coat after which again the filler comes out to fill out any plastering defects.  The top coats are then applied to finish off the walls. Once cured and hardened up the top of the walls are then masked with 12inch paper and tape using the 3m masking dispenser.  All lights are masked off if they are in situ and ceilings sprayed. The beauty of the making is that super sharp lines are created between wall colour and ceiling.  See below pictures. The products used in these photos were Dulux Diamond Satin on trim Mythic Flat Matt on the walls as well as  Farrow and Ball modern emulsion. A great choice for durability and finish.
dulux Diamond Satin on trim Mythic Flat Matt walls Farrow and Ball modern emulsion Hale.

dulux Diamond Satin on trim Mythic Flat Matt walls Farrow and Ball modern emulsion Hale.dulux Diamond Satin on trim Mythic Flat Matt walls Farrow and Ball modern emulsion Hale.If you have any questions about the products I used, please ask, I am happy to help.


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