Farrow & Ball Exterior Eggshell Blows me away.

Last summer I used Farrow & Ball Exterior Eggshell in Alderley Edge.IMG_0601

I must admit that when the client specified Farrow & Ball for exterior work, I was slightly dubious of the product. I knew the interior eggshell is fine and a nice drop of paint, but knew little of the exterior eggshell. I have always opted for the mainstream trade paints for exterior work.

The client had  already purchased the Farrow & Ball, so it was decision made really. They left the primer/undercoat to my discretion. I chose good old Zinsser Coverstain, tinted to the top coat, as its the perfect bridge coat for water based top coats over previously painted oil-based topcoats.


 The Prep

The garage doors were in reasonable condition so all that was needed was a degrease and a flattening with 180 grade sand paper. Then cleaned off with methylated spirit. Then came the Coverstain with a little helping of Owatrol oil. Not only is this rust inhibiting, it aids flow out and improves levelling.


 Top Coats

Then came the top coats, like I said I had never tried this before so I gave it a stir and watched for the reaction of it falling off the stir stick.  My thoughts were that it was reasonably  thin, which is a feature I like in water based paint. I grabbed the Zamix latex extender just in case of lap marks. Zamix is a  product that I had been using since last April, but thats for another time…

A drop into the Farrow & Ball top coats and off I went.  I am  a believer in the the right paint brush for the right paint when it comes to water based paints, but since I knew nothing of this paint, I used the Proform contractor, a brush that I know I can rely on with thin water based paint.


To say I was impressed would be an understatement. The paint applies so easily, nice and thin needing minimal effort, with excellent flow out, and it keeps a wet edge for a good while. It levels like I have never seen for an exterior water based paint. The pictures are of close-ups of the door lock and a panel of the actual door, just to give you an idea of the finish that is achievable with this product.

Garage dorr in Alderley Edge finished in Farrow & Ball Exterior water based eggshell

Garage door in Alderley Edge finished in Farrow & Ball Exterior water based eggshell

Garage door in Alderley Edge with Farrow & Ball water based exterior paint applied

Garage door in Alderley Edge with Farrow & Ball water based exterior paint applied


After talking to my colleague Ron Taylor who is also a Traditional Painter and kitchen painter in Warwick about this product, I found out that there is a handful of decorators using the very same product on interior projects. I can see why, and for interior eggshell trim work I see no reason not to specify it.


If you have any questions about the products I used, please ask, I am happy to help.

3M Hand Masker

The 3M Hand Masker is not just for spray work it is also employed in the day to day running my  general decorating.The 3m scotch masking dispenser

It is  more reliable than a dust sheet.  It has endless uses like the cover of tv’s for example.  The static charge makes the film protector literally cling to the area you require covering and the bonus of being transparent you can see what is behind the film3M Masking dispenser covering the tv

The painting of kitchens can be a bit of a pain when dust sheets are used on the units as they tend to fall off the units due to the weight of the dust sheet they need weighing down to keep in place. General access behind the dust sheets is limited, as you cant see through dust sheets. access to the kitchen can still be achieved with 3M masking.3m masking Film

Protection also extends to bathrooms,  the toilets are easily accessed with this product and the sheeting of the fire place is well and truly covered with the 3m hand masker.3m hand maskerSo there you have it the possibilities are endless with the hand masker.  If you have any questions about the products I used, please ask, I am happy to help. All part of my interior decorating service in Cheshire

Dulux Weathershield Aquatech opaque and Zinsser Coverstain partnership

Bramhall Exterior complete after two coats of Dulux Weathershield Aquatech opaque and White Dulux Weathershield Masonry paint

Dulux Weathershield Aquatech opaque and Zinsser Coverstain partnership.

A nice project I was asked to complete last summer. It had been previously painted with oil wood stain. The spec  from the customer was they wanted a satin finish and would like to be able to close the windows each night without the risk of window stick in the process of re decoration.

The answer was to apply a waterbased finish. Thats the top coat dealt with but what about the primer? The previous decorator had used an oil based stain and I wanted a  waterbased topcoat. If I applied straight on top of the oil it would leave the substrate in a really bad state as it will start peeling, something we dont want. A primer was needed and a good one! So i went for the ever faithful Zinsser Coverstain.  This primer sticks to near enough anything, has a good opacity plus the added bonus of being over coated in 2 hours, quite unreal really for an oil based product.

Bramhall Exterior being given a coat of Zinsser Coverstain

The Gable end of the property needed some repairs to the boards, that was not a problem to get repaired or replaced.

Bramhall Exterior being given the first coat of Dulux Weathershield Aquatech opaque

Once replaced and repaired Zinsser Coverstain was used as the primer and then screw holes filled and sealed with filler.  Another coverstain on top of the filler and then ready for the topcoats.

Gable end in Bramahall being finsihed in Dulux weathershield aquatech

The property was finished off with two coats of Dulux Weather shield Aquatech and the walls were completed with two coats of Dulux Weathershield Masonry paint.

Bramhall Exterior complete after two coats of Dulux Weathershield Aquatech opaque and White Dulux Weathershield Masonry paint


This project was again a pleasure to do.  The transformation was amazing to see.

If you have any questions about the products I used, please ask, I am happy to help.


Decorate bedroom and custom hand built wardrobe with drawers

This is a case study of a nice custom fitted bedroom where I was asked to hand paint the wardrobe, along with the ceiling, walls and trim.

The interesting thing about this job was that the previous decorator had stripped previously hung paper and then applied the customer’s chosen emulsion colour……no problem with that you may think???

Well YES, the emulsion WILL react with the paste that is hidden inside the plaster.

It comes back to life when anything wet is applied to the wall.

You can see the problems it causes in the picture



As the emulsion was applied the decorator should have noticed that something was not quite right in its application.

As the months go by the paint reaction with the paste starts to lift from the substrate (in this case the walls.)

The answer?

Draw all paste from the walls and then  seal the walls with GARDZ

GARDZ for sealing

Gardz for sealing



My approach to redecorating the walls and woodwork

The walls were treated with a thorough sanding with the trusty Festool RTS 400 and dust extractor.

Walls filled and then rubbed back

GARDZ is then ready to be applied

The wardrobe was primed in the factory with Zinsser Coverstain.

The plastering was sanded back and I filled out imperfections.

Set of draws complete

The Set of draws complete


Little Green on the Walls and Dulux Diamond Satin on trim and Wardrobe and Draws

Room Complete

The room was finished with Little Green Intelligent Matt on the walls and Dulux Diamond Satin on the trim and wardrobes.

If the work had been completed as thoroughly by the previous decorator, my bill for redecorating would have been significantly cheaper!

If you have any questions about the products I used, please ask, I am happy to help. Further information on interior decorating services


Corona Comet

Corona comet brush in Wilmslow painting Dulux diamond satin

Corona comet brush in  Dulux diamond satin



Due to work commitments i was unable to go to the National Decorating Trade Show. So i asked my good friend Ron Taylor to pick me up a few corona brushes as i had not tried them to date.

As luck would have it Corona were selling off a box set at reasonable prices and so he brought me the box back.  In the set you got a Kingston 2 inch a Knight 2 inch a Cody 2 inch and a small fitch type brush namely the Comet. At first glance i thought it was just another fitch, that was until i was painting  spindles.

The comet has a bristle that is made from Chinex, this is corona’s long lasting bristle so if looked after well, then it should take many years of use before the bristle wears down.  The brush then is  a good investment.

I was originally using the Comet on some glazing bars. I found it absolutely brilliant in this application.  The bristles are nice  and tight and the paint flow off the brush was first class. I then turned to coat up the spindles.  Since I already had the comet in paint i gave it a try on the spindles.  Well..what can i say?? Id never thought I would be using a fitch on spindles but this brush seems to be able to cover more than just glazing beads it performs more like a traditional sash brush.

As you can see from the picture above, the width of the brush expands perfectly for the tops and bottoms of your spindle and with the brush having that oval/round ferrule it lays paint on the round spindle beautifully.  The brush does not flood the spindle with paint like a inch and half or two inch does, no this brush puts the right amount on to the spindle for you not to have to worry about paint creeping down the corners.

Dulux Diamond Satin on trim Danish oil and Oak Little Green Paint Intelligent Matt walls in bramhall


The application is slower to perform as the brush does not hold a great deal of paint and you will be reloading quite a bit more than usual, it is good for a certain types of spindles and other Jobs.

This is a brush that i will be turning to for more than just your usual fitch/sash jobs i can assure you.

Well done Corona another great brush in their range of what is fast becoming my favourite brand of brushes.


Zinsser BIN

zinsser bin options

When I have knots to seal I turn to Zinsser BIN, which is a shellac based white pigmented sealer. It can be applied by brush, or aerosol or sprayed, depending on how much there is to do and will stop all known stains.

So if you see ugly brown marks coming through white paintwork you can be assured the previous painter didn’t use Zinsser BIN, or a similar high performing stain blocker.

If you have any questions about an upcoming kitchen or furniture painting project, please contact Scot. If you would like to subscribe to my blog I will send you updates of my latest jobs via email.
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