Spraying woodwork in Cheshire

Scot Decorators are professional kitchen painters working in Bramhall, Wilmslow and Alderley Edge and Manchester. One of our specialities is spraying woodwork.

Where appropriate, we can use airless spray guns for woodwork, and occasionally HVLP. We have premises where we can spray kitchen doors and items of furniture.

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Also we can spray safely and cleanly in situ, if there is no alternative approach. It requires a lot of masking, and extra thought, but we know what we are doing and won’t paint anything we aren’t supposed to!


The brushed finishes we achieve on kitchen cabinets can look as if they have been sprayed. That level of craftsmanship is part of the appeal of our service. And most of our work is conventionally applied (brushes and rollers) but we always look at a job and assess whether spraying woodwork and walls might be more appropriate.

Our clients appreciate having the choice and well thought out reasons for and against.

Points to consider when asking for spray finish

Most clients assume that spraying is fast, therefore “better” than conventional painting. Also fast must mean cheaper. Our experience says: It depends!

The approach to the job is completely different to the conventional brush and roller way. It requires extensive masking and protecting of all surfaces that aren’t going to be painted. In normal decorating, you tend to spray paint everything in reverse order too, finishing with ceilings!

So, preparation plus rubbing down between coats is time-consuming, but obviously the actual painting is fast.

Whether spraying gives a better finish than painting by brush is subjective, it really depends on the painter and the paint.

A spray finish is vastly superior to the average brush finish. But is it better than a first class hand painted finish using dedicated furniture paint? Not sure it is!

Also some paints do not lend themselves to being sprayed, so spraying is not always an option.

And when assessing spray v brush, we also have to think about the future – touching up damaged spray painted surfaces can be a bit tricky compared to touching up brushed paint work. But that is why it is good to have us involved in your decorating project, because we think of these sort of things!

We don’t default to brush or spray. We can provide like for like costings for spraying and hand finishing. Your choice depends on the job and the result you are after. But at least we do offer you the option.

If you have any questions about an upcoming kitchen or furniture painting project, please contact Scot. If you would like to subscribe to my blog I will send you updates of my latest jobs via email.
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