Wallpapering Cheshire

Scot Decorators are based in Cheshire, wallpapering experts working in Bramhall, Wilmslow and Alderley Edge. From feature walls to ceilings and hall, stairs and landing, you can expect a beautiful job.

Decorative Wallpaper a Sanderson 1950's reproduction

Decorative Wallpaper a Sanderson 1950’s reproduction

Most tradesmen accept that the difference between a painter and a decorator is wallpapering. We can hang any specialist or standard wallcoverings, including Muraspec, Lincrusta and digital murals.

All ranges installed, from Anaglypta through to hand made wallpapers

Traditionally, walls were papered to demonstrate the wealth of the rich and famous. Nowadays, wallpapers are used throughout the land, but still, when wallpapers cost £60, £100 and more per roll, it is no small investment in your home, and you should expect wallpaper to be hung and trimmed correctly. We do just that.


I have installed a lot of Muraspec in a commercial setting, but the range is suitable for certain residential settings too. Digital murals are one interesting option – Muraspec do very big murals!


Lincrusta is a traditional decorative wallcovering for period properties and large modern homes. I am a level 2 qualified and approved Lincrusta installer. This product is one of a kind and in the right setting, is very very classy. It can be overpainted, distressed and even gilded.

Lining and painting

We prepare all surfaces with the same thorough approach, and most times, unless the wallcovering manufacturer says otherwise, we will line walls to provide a perfect base for wallpaper.

Ceilings and walls can often deteriorate over the years, and where there is a lot of cracking, instead of skimming again with plaster, an option is to line the walls with specialist plain papers. Once painted you have a solid, smooth wall again, which can either be re-painted, or wallpapered with minimal fuss, at a future time.

If you have any questions about an upcoming kitchen or furniture painting project, please contact Scot. If you would like to subscribe to my blog I will send you updates of my latest jobs via email.
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